Canada 2020-2029: Forecasting Immigration Outlook and Disruptions -8th January, 2020

Canada 2020-2029: Forecasting Immigration Outlook and Disruptions
The prior decade was among the most active in the history of Canadian immigration.

It saw a notable increase in Canadian levels of permanent residents, foreign workers, and global students. The total revamping of the Canadian economic class program was among other significant changes that also affected Canada’s family & refugee class programs.

It is assumed that the coming decade will observe more major reforms that given Canada’s definite need for newcomers.

Canada set to welcome Greater than 3 Million Immigrants over the Coming Decade

Canadian aging population and the low birth rate is the principal reason that we expect the nation to welcome even greater levels of immigration across the next decade.

Canadian population increases by roughly 1% each year. Natural increase (the number of births minus number of deaths) estimates for only 20% of yearly population growth and immigration estimates for the other 80%. In the next decade, natural increase is assumed to fall to almost zero, indicating immigration could include 100% of Canadian population growth.

All told, Canada looks to welcome approximately 3.5 million immigrants over the next decade by far the biggest intake in the history of Canada. It would mark a 25% increase related to some 2.8 million immigrants that it admitted over the previous decade.

Global Students will help to improve the Economic Outcomes of Immigrants

As Canada’s 9 million baby boomers moving towards retirement, the nation will have a vital need for new workers. There will be several job opportunities accessible and Canadian-born workers and newcomers alike should profit from these developments. We have previously seen this manifest itself across the past decade as federal government data reveals newcomers are enjoying more effective outcomes.

Federal research also shows that granting provinces, businesses, and post-secondary institutes with a role in the process of selection promotes positive immigrant labor market performance.

Surveys reveal that half of Canada’s 600,000 foreign students prove that they intend to become permanent residents, indicating Canada is anticipated to see more of them become newcomers in this decade. It will be a welcome improvement because global students fare very well in the labor market, and will convert as principal drivers of economic improvement since they will be skilled workers and consumers in Canada for a long time.

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