British Columbia Says it Requires More Number of Healthcare Workers -4th February, 2020

British Columbia Says it Requires More Number of Healthcare Workers

British Columbia province's aging population requires a higher number of healthcare workers and updating the policies of immigration the province might overcome the crisis, as per the Canadian healthcare experts.

Susan Fox, a healthcare leader says that several Healthcare Attendants (HCAs) are required to provide excellent healthcare to the aging population of the British Columbia province. According to her, refreshing the policy of immigration in British Columbia province would help to bring a higher number of qualified healthcare employees to the BC province. Senior care will be the most active growing sector in the British Columbia economy in the following five years. Approximately 17000 new job opportunities will be there in this sector throughout this period.

The Need of Healthcare Workers in BC Province

It is assumed that 1 in 4 individuals in British Columbia province will be over the age of 65 years by 2030. Besides, people here are deciding to have fewer kids. This demographic state will lead to a position where there will be lesser workers to meet the labor market needs of the BC province and lesser people to take care of aging Canadian citizens.

The experts are asking British Columbia to modernize the policies of immigration in order to meet the increasing demand for healthcare employees. The Canada Conference Board has pointed out the necessity for Canada to use immigration to meet labor requirements. Economic Growth Advisory Council has also demanded to raise the immigration numbers to satisfy the growing need for skilled labor.

A high number of individuals will be retiring from the labor force shortly, which will worsen the trouble. If their openings are not fulfilled on time, the workload of the outstanding workers will also rise. In short, the lack of time is the sole reason that governments of federal and provincial are working together to modernize the policy of immigration to meet the growing demand for sr. care professionals.

If the government of British Columbia takes the measures to bring more international healthcare workers for senior care, which is expected, it will prove advantageous for Canada immigration applicants who have the demanded training and qualifications.

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