British Columbia and Canada Show Positive Job Indicators -13th May, 2019

British Columbia and Canada Show Positive Job Indicators
At present British Columbia leads the country by having the lowest unemployment rate. There is a decline from the March figures also. Canada had huge employment growth in April. Moreover, there is no impact on carbon taxes on the economy. There is no relationship between politics words and the truth. There are numbers indicating the reality.

The details

The Liberals in BC say of the mismanagement of the economy by NDP. Here there are irrefutable numbers which also depict a different story. These show that the B.C. unemployed rate was 4.6 in April, and was 4.7 in March.

Below we present the national unemployment rate by the province that was 5.7 percent in April:

  • Newfoundland and Labrador 11.7 percent
  • Prince Edward Island 8.6
  • Nova Scotia 6.9
  •  New Brunswick 8.0
  • Quebec 4.9
  • Ontario 6.0
  • Manitoba 5.2
  •  Saskatchewan 5.4 and finally,
  • Alberta 6.7

At the federal level, the Canadian labor market also presented the surprise in April and there was an employment gain for the first time since compiling data in 1976.

Furthermore, there was a net addition of 106,500 jobs in April in the country. Most of it was in the full-time category as per labor force survey of   Statistics Canada.

The foundation of hope

These new jobs also were beyond the market forecast. Owing to this development there was a decline in the unemployment rate touching 5.7 percent, which was 5.8 percent in March.

There were strong numbers in the labor market since June 2016. This solid report was a positive indicator of quality coming in this month as per many experts. This also carried the message that employers have a deep faith in the economy of the country.

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