Australian Visa Reforms Create Concerns on Temporary Status of Migrants -27th August, 2019

Australian Visa
Cutting permanent immigration intake of Australia is linked with few more latest reforms to the category of skilled visas have raised fears that plenty of temporary migrants may not become a permanent resident in Australia.

Yearly permanent migration intake of Australia has been cut by 30,000 in this year and previous week, the Australian government established the Global Talent Scheme permanent with 5,000 visa positions reserved within a cap of 16,000.

There were above two million visa holders with temporary status in Australia in 2017-2018 with foreign students estimating for approximately 800,000 of them. While there were 398,563 latest enrollments of abroad students in the year 2018, only 13,138 past students were given Australia PR in that year. Experts say it’s becoming highly difficult for new graduates to obtain Australian permanent residency.

Australian Government Strategy on Immigration

The Australian Government fixed the intake of immigration with an enhanced push towards achieving more migrants in Australian regional areas. 23,000 visa positions have been kept hold in the 160,000 cap for regional areas of Australia where visa holders will have to reside for a minimum of three years to become qualified for Australia PR. Experts say lack of proper jobs in Australian regional areas is keeping several individuals moving away from there.

Two latest regional visas will be open in Nov 2019 when latest provisions in the points test providing additional points to appellants with a skilled partner or spouse and singles are also being offered.

For Example, Mr. Kapil, who arrived in Australia in the year 2013 with his spouse, states the move will notably put individuals like him to a big disadvantage. He further says I have studied in Australia and worked here for many years, have the work experience of the Australian industry. But it looks all that doesn’t include for anything now, he told. It more looks like we are continuing to be forever with temporary status in this nation.

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