Australia Is Planning To Introduce A New Visa Points System For Singles Applicants -12th June, 2019

Australian Permanent Residency Visa
Today there are many applicants who are ready to file an application and also seek the Australian Permanent Residency Visa. Additionally, their educational qualifications are assessed by VETASSESS, But they have a plan to wait till 16th November 2019. The primary reason for this wait is to gain an extra ten points for remaining single. This will give a boost to their score.


The new system also adds ten points for the persons who are not accompanied by a spouse or a partner.  The government introduced the new regional visa backed by a point system for the applicants who earn the nomination of a territorial / state government.

There was an Immigration Department announcement In April 2019 regarding introducing changes in the point system. There are also Points for traits that link the ability of the applicant to make a fine economic contribution. The major purpose of the Migration Program is to capitalize on the economic benefits owing to migration to Australia. The changes also ensure that more skilled people agree for migration to Australia. The reason behind this change is bringing many skilled migrants, and discouraging partners without skills, who arrive with married migrants.

Other facts

Additionally, the invitees who are married and have kids fill up more spots and also add non-skilled migrants. As a result, there are fewer places for skilled migrants.

These amendments in the system were made after the recommendations of the Productivity Commission. As per the commission, 50 percent of intake among the permanent skilled persons comprises of secondary applicants. The point to note here is that many of them have limited skills.

The Productivity Commission has also recommended in the 2016 report, that there must be an amendment to the system of points, making it possible for the secondary applicants, having skills and other desirable characteristics, to contribute significantly to the score of all the primary applicants. These extra points will support the aspirants in a big way.

Marriage on hold

They have even put their marriage on hold for claiming the extra points. Previously people preferred to get married before applying for claiming the extra five points for their partners. This is a reversal of that trend. Also, Applicants having a skilled spouse /partner will get ten extra points in the fresh system. They gain five points in case the spouse/partner has competency in English.

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