Australia Immigration: Announces 2019-2020 Occupation Ceilings -7th August, 2019

Australia Immigration
Every year plenty of migrants appeal for Skilled Migration Program of Australia for Australia PR based on the professions listed in the List Skilled Occupations  (SOL).

This list presently has higher than 200 professions listed on the Skilled Occupations List and is refreshed regularly by the Home Affairs Department. There's a restriction to the number of 'Expression of Interest' or invites announced from a group of occupation. This limit is called occupation ceilings.

Occupations ceiling assure that a small number of occupations does not dominate the skilled migration program, the DHA explains. Once this limit is attained, no more invitations for that specific occupation group will be announced for that program year. Invitations will then be allotted to planning migrants in different occupation groups even if they are lower ranking.

Complete Information about Occupation Ceilings

If you observe at the occupation ceiling published by the department, you will see few occupations have a greater ceiling while few have a lower ceiling. 

The occupation ceiling for enrolled nurses is higher than 17,000, for carpenters, electricians, secondary school teachers and software professionals it is higher than 8,000 while for music professionals, cartographers and economists, it is 1000. It determines which professions are in higher demand and requires more skilled migrants. 

Australia has decreased its Invitations for migration program for 2019-20, but this is not entirely reflected in the ceilings published. The numbers are a ceiling, and it does not imply that these many invitations are provided. 

Ceiling implies is once this limit is attained, no more invitations for that specific occupation group will be announced for that program year.

Ceilings of Occupations for 2019-2020 

The occupations ceiling for the 2019-2020 program year for every profession on the list of qualified, skilled occupations have been published.

Ceilings of Occupations do not appeal to the visa subclasses of Territory or State Nominated, Employer-Sponsored or Business Investment and Innovation.

Australia Immigration

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