Australia Immigration - A New Parent Visa Likely To Attract 200,000 Applications -10th May, 2019

Australia Immigration - A New Parent Visa Likely To Attract 200,000 Applications

Bob Birrell- a demographer stated that around 200,000 parents of Australians born overseas are likely to arrive, in a generous policy measure of the Labor party.  This will add pressure on future governments.

Anomalies in the system

Cory Bernardi, a Conservative leader, stated that the Australia immigration has the issues of dishonesty, inequity, and corruption.  The present immigration system (Parents Visa) does not serve the country well. The analysis also says that the migrants have a strong sense of parental duty. Migrants from India, China, and the Middle East will take up the visa extensively, in the first term of the Shorten government.

100,000 overseas parents, mainly from China presently wait in a queue to obtain a permanent visa for parents.

They will be pleased with the open-end temporary visa, to join the fast increasing Middle Eastern and Indian communities. Additionally, this scenario will lead to 200,000 parent applications during the initial three years of the Shorten government.

A huge demand

Peter McDonald, a population expert estimates that 1.5-2 million Australians can show an interest in this visa. He predicted a rush from this generosity before the tightening of rules by the next government. This happens to be an unprecedented offer dissimilar to any other Western country.

Dr. Birrell, also stated that the new policy would jeopardize the policy reforms that favor young and skilled migrants. It will curtail family reunion programs of the past which brought migrants who were weak in English and struggled in their integration. They were burdening the taxpayers also.

Finally, there is a support of high immigration because immigrants help in the growth of the economy.

It is a fact that the Chinese immigrants prefer to settle in suburban areas of the country and that makes it easy to save and call their parents.

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