Australia Extends Working Holiday Visa Program as Applications Increase -25th September, 2019

Australia Working Holiday Visa Program
There was a 20 percent increase in the number of working holiday-makers last year, and 43,000 youths reached regional centers. The Australian federal government has a hope that the number will increase further as there are reciprocal visa agreements covering 13 countries, in addition to the present 44.

Australian jobs and several vacancies

Many jobs in regional Australia are not filled up by local workers, and David Coleman, the Immigration Minister is interested to give preference to immigrants in regional businesses and help them to fill the roles. The countries in talks with the Australia on reciprocal visa arrangements for working holiday-makers include: Brazil, Andorra, Croatia, India, Fiji, Latvia, Mexico, Lithuania, Monaco, Philippines, Mongolia, Solomon Islands and Switzerland. There were changes in the program in November 2018, with the aim to help farmers belonging to regional and rural areas to seek qualified workers in a big way.

Additionally, the annual caps on the visas were lifted, and there was an expansion in the regional areas getting the cover besides permitting 12 months to work for the same agricultural employer increased from six months.

Also from July 2019 such holders of working holiday maker visa completing regional work of six months in their second year, can also stay in the country for one more year.

Introducing two new visas

Starting from November, the authorities are set to introduce two new visas that require applicants for living and working in regional areas for three years before they become eligible to apply for PR. 23,000 places are dedicated to such regional visas.

Many specific migration agreements were put in place for addressing the issue of skills shortage in Warrnambool  in Victoria, Orana of NSW, Kalgoorlie  in WA, the Northern Territory,  Cairns  of Queensland, and  finally in South Australia. These will attract qualified personnel and help the areas in a big way.

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