Australia Adopts Speedy PR Process for Top Skilled Technology Migrants -5th November, 2019

Australia Adopts Speedy PR Process for Top Skilled Technology Migrants
Australia now has a new permanent migration scheme with a focus on seven fields of future favoring the top skilled technologists. These include quantum computing, cyber security, and fin-tech, so that the competitiveness of Australia is maintained.

Australia immigration gets a technological boost

The Global Talent Independent Program was first introduced in June for attracting the finest global talent was launched by David Coleman, the Immigration Minister. The aim of the program is to attract 5000 professionals who earn a high-income and work at the top level of their domain to Australia in the year between July 2019 and June 2020. The feature is a fast track process towards permanent residency. It is separate from the Global Talent Program that is employer sponsored and was made permanent in August after being a pilot for 12 months. The eligibility norm, for permanent residency, in this GTIP, is the annual earning of above $149,000, in Australia, in a field among the seven, with a future focus.

The fields are:

  • Agriculture Technology,
  • Space and Advanced manufacturing,
  • Fin-tech,
  • Energy and Mining Technology,
  • Med-tech,
  • Cyber security and quantum information
  • Advanced digital and data science and ICT professionals
There are terms and conditions

It will involve applying Normal character, and checks for security and integrity like other migration schemes. Another feature is in place of waiting for applying by migrants GTIP will actively seek talents by using Global Talent Officers of Home Affairs Department.

The officers were deployed in Washington DC, Berlin, Singapore, Santiago, Shanghai, Dubai and New Delhi, and will coordinate with countries in guiding the applicants regarding the features of the application process. There is a report stating that this fast-track process will involve only weeks, and not months.

Migrants can access the program based on the referral of an organization/individual having the national reputation in a similar field as that of the candidate, as stated by the Home Affairs.

The aim of the GTIP is to target top skilled migrants so that Australia occupies a top position in competiveness at the forefront of growth trends in the world.

Great aims of the initiative

It will enrich and enable local businesses in accessing the best global talent, and in the growth of industries in the country. Moreover, after a while, the Global Talent initiative will have an impact of transformation on the economy also. The program focuses to bring external talent, but there is an expectation by Home Affairs that the scheme will create several opportunities for the local people also.

It will set the trends in transfer of skills, promote innovation and also create many job opportunities.

Karen Andrews, Minister for Science and Technology stated that local job creation, and 5000 placements in GTIP, will facilitate growth of the technology industry in Australia. For this the businesses must hire skilled local workers and also have access to the expertise and abilities of global specialists.


The Government feels that it can create local jobs with a high pay and make Australia as a hub for global technology. Finally, the Global Talent Program signals that the country is open for business growth.

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