Alberta Takes Its Initial Steps to Create Rural Immigration Programs -1st August, 2019

Rural Immigration Programs
Consultations will start in this year-end on two immigration programs of Alberta that were assured by Jason Kenney, the province’s new premier, during the current general election. The immigration department of the province is presently working on program plan and remains to explore several options said a spokesperson.

Programs Consultations will start in September 2019 with stakeholders such as businesses, settlement organizations, specialists, and immigrants who are established already in the province of Alberta.

Kenney, who worked as Canadian immigration minister from 2008-2013, promised to create the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program and the Rural Renewal Program if elected to use the potential of immigration to re-energize smaller communities throughout the province.

Kenney told both pathways could lead a consolidated 40,000 latest permanent residents to the communities across the United Conservative Party’s initial four years in office 32,000 immigrants by the Program Rural Renewal and 8,000 immigrants by the Program Rural Entrepreneur Immigration.

Rural Renewal Program

The Manitoba province's success in bringing and holding immigrants in rural communities by programs like the Initiative of Morden Community is a model that the U.C.P announced it aspired to draw on for the Program Rural Renewal.

Approximately 20% of all immigrants to Manitoba settle in the rural communities throughout the province, and communities similar to Morden have noticed their populations increase significantly as a result.

Kenney told the Rural Renewal Program would be connected to the Canadian Express Entry system, which is the principal source of experienced foreign labor to Canada.

Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program

As per the Program Rural Entrepreneur Immigration, Kenney's campaign-trail promise delivered it a goal of greeting 500 experienced immigrant entrepreneurs and also their family members every year.

Among the program's possible criteria, considered entrepreneurs need to satisfy the least net worth and investment thresholds and commit to actively running and managing a business in which they have a minimum 51% ownership.

Successful candidates would get a 2-year temporary work permit and later they can be qualified for a nomination from the province for Canada PR if specific terms are met.

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