Alberta New Immigration Plan Will Bring 40,000 Immigrants to Rural Area -2nd March, 2019

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Rural communities nearby Alberta could receive a boost of approximately 40,000 immigrants over the succeeding four years below the policies being proposed by the Alberta (Alberta Immigration) province United Conservative Party. Polls have revealed that the United Conservative Party (U.C.P) and its leader, Jason Kenney, in the leading place with decided voters.

Kenney, who worked as immigration minister of Canada from 2008 to 2013, told that this week Alberta requires to utilize the power of immigration to strengthen the province’s rural and smaller communities and the UCP would try to do by an immigration strategy focused around 02 key components:

  • Rural Renewal Program
  • Rural Entrepreneurial Stream

Consolidated, both pathways would channel as numerous as 10,000 new permanent residents to the Alberta province’s rural communities every year, or above 40,000 if the UCP’s first term controls to defeat Alberta’s ruling current Democratic Party, Kenney told.

Rural Renewal Program

The Rural Renewal Program could run by the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program and prefers economic immigration applicants who show an interest in settling in rural and smaller communities of Alberta.

Kenney told the program could get in an assumed 32,000 new permanent residence across the four years, which covers principal applicants and their spouses and children who are dependent on principal applicants. 

Kenney indicated a connection between the federal Express Entry and Rural Renewal Program, saying applicants who got a nomination by the program would profit from “extra points” below the Express Entry.

Express Entry applicants who get a provincial nomination get a further 600 points toward their ranking score, which definitely ensures an invitation from the Canadian government to apply for Canada PR.

Nationally, only around 6% of immigrants reside in rural communities. In Manitoba province, 20% settle in smaller communities, and this has supported to revitalize rural parts in Manitoba, he told.

Kenney also told the A.I.N.P could “interface” with the federal government, which newly declared its own community-driven Northern and Rural Immigration Pilot project.

Rural Entrepreneurial Stream

Bringing immigrant entrepreneurs to small and rural communities nearby Alberta is the other support of the UCP’s intended immigration strategy.

Inspiring current immigrant entrepreneurs to set up shop in rural and smaller communities nearby Alberta and produce new job openings for locals is necessary, given the population challenges several such communities presently face, Kenney told.

Kenney told the U.C.P would start a Rural Entrepreneurial Stream with the aim of welcoming 500 experienced entrepreneurs in each year.

Among the stream’s possible criteria, encouraged entrepreneurs would have to satisfy minimum net worth and investment thresholds and commit to actively controlling and running a business in which they have a minimum of 51% ownership.

Kenney assessed that the 04-year intake of 2,000 entrepreneurs could translate to approximately 8,000 immigrants to rural communities across four years when dependent children and spouses are counted.

On top of this, Kenney told these businesses could produce minimum 4,000 jobs, which he defined as a very decent estimate.

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