107th Canada Express Entry Draw -20th December, 2018

107th Canada Express Entry Draw
On December 19th Canada has set a record in issuing EE invitations. Moreover, this draw had the lowest score of 2018 at 439.   3,900 candidates received the invitation to apply seeking permanent residence. The Express Entry administers the pool of candidates for three Federal Skilled economic immigration programs. These are:
  Federal Skilled Trades Class
  Canadian Experience Class
  The Federal Skilled Worker Class

More guidelines

Eligible candidates get a score under the EE CRS that is calculated on the factors of work experience, age, education, and language proficiency. This score decides the position of a candidate in the pool. The top ranking candidates receive ITAs in regular draws. Furthermore, in this draw, it was for the first time during the year, that the score was below 440.  The reason is that the Government allowed only one week to pass between two draws.

Factors in this draw

Moreover, owing to a short time between two draws, few candidates get the chance to enter their profiles in the pool. In this draw IRCC used the tie break method   with the time of Feb 6th, 2018, at 19:31:37 UTC. All candidates who had a CRS score of and above 439, and had entered their profile in the EE pool prior to the set date and time, received the Invitation in this round.

After today’s draw the total in 2018 is 89,800, which is the largest number in issuing ITAs in a year, by using the EE system. The previous record was 86,023 ITAs in 2017. Additionally, during the final quarter of 2018, 27,300 ITAs were issued in seven draws.

Focus on admissions target

This reflects the focus on admissions target in the Federal immigration, which will increase to 81,400 in 2019. This is 6,500 more admissions over 2018. Candidates holding a bachelor’s degree and obtaining 8 in the I.E.L.T.S. in each category have a great chance to succeed here. Also having a relative who is a Canadian citizen is of great help. With this round and an invitation record the Express Entry system has evolved in many ways. In case you have any queries in this matter please contact us.

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