Is 'work authorized' status akin to a credential?

It is not so. The results from 'Self Check' are not at all any kind of official document or a record of the applicant's work authorization status. This is so because, many things may have happened to change an applicant's status. Some of these changes are for example, a change in citizenship status, or the expiration of an immigration status, etc.

  How does 'Self Check' know if the applicant is 'work authorized' or not?
A self checking service, which goes by the name 'self check' which has a huge database of 455 million SSA (Social Security Administration) and 80 million DHS (Department of Homeland Security) records can be used to determine if a person is eligible to undertake work in the United States or not. Businesses use this service routinely.
  What are the requirements or, required fields of 'self check' database?
The required fields of 'self check' database include name, date of birth, social security number, citizenship status and document information.
  What does 'work authorized imply?

It simply means that there are individuals who are authorized to work and those who are not. While natives of the USA, green card holders and some few others are authorized to work, others who do not have a valid kind of visa to work are not eligible.

  Is an applicant eligible for 'Asylum' even if he/she was found guilty of a crime?
Yes, it is possible. However, the applicant may not be allowed asylum depending on the nature, type, magnitude, etc. of the actual crime.
  Which family member is eligible to apply for a 'Green Card' under the 'immediate relative of a US c
The spouse of the citizen, unmarried children under the age of 21 of the citizen, and the parents of U.S. citizen petitioner who is 21 years or older.
  Which family member of a green card holder is eligible for a green card ?
The spouse and unmarried children of the sponsoring green card holder are eligible for applying to and obtaining a green card.
  What is meant by obtaining green card through a job offer?
Through this route, the applicant obtains a green card based on an offer of permanent employment. But, this processis typically long, and involves the employer getting a labour certification, filing a Form I-140, which is nothing but 'immigrant petition for alien worker'.
  What is a green card through investment?

This is a category of visa through which some businessman/entrepreneur, etc. invests money in an enterprise and creates jobs for US workers.

  What is green card through self-petition?

This option can be availed of by 'individuals of extraordinary ability', or by those who have been granted a 'national interest waiver'.

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