I would like to come to the UK on a short visit? Which visa is applicable to me?
The 'general visitor visa' is applicable to you. But, this visa is strictly for touring or indulging in leisure activities and there are a lot many dos' and donts' regarding taking up work (e.g. you cannot work on this visa), etc. when you are on this visa in the UK.
  What is 'long residence' or UK and what does this imply?

Long residence' means the person has been in the UK legally for 10 continuous years. Such a person can apply to get permanent residence in the UK.

  What are the documents that an applicant needs to provide for settling in the UK through 'long resi

The applicant needs to provide a current passport, a biometric residence permit, all the passports that the applicant has held during his/her stay in the UK, his/her police registration certificate, 2 passport-size photographs, and certified translation of any documents that are originally not in English or Welsh.

  Does a student applicant Tier 4' (General student) need a sponsor to undertake studies in the UK?

All of the applicants under the 'Tier 4' (General student) category requires a sponsor. And, the sponsor is typically an education provider in the UK.

  How long can a student applicant stay in the UK.

A student applicant can stay in the UK for the duration of stay granted by the UK immigration authorities a.

  Can a student applicant work (Tier 4 student) in the UK while on the student visa?

Yes, a student in a university can work for up to 20 hours a week. Further to that, an eligible student can also work full-time during vacation periods.

  What are the requirements of the UK student visa?

Firstly, the applicant should have been offered admission to a UK-based institution and further to that also satisfy some requirements such as the course of study is full-time (i.e. at least 15 hours a week), show that he/she has funds to pay for the course as well as to support himself/herself during the duration of the course of stay, and demonstrate that the applicant intends to leave the country after the duration of course of study.

  What is the validity period of the student visa?

The student visa is valid for the duration of course of study of the visa. It (the duration of period of stay) can also be extended by applying for a Further Leave to Remain (FLR).

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