what is the cost of studies in Switzerland?
The cost per student for primary to tertiary education is $12,000. Which is the highest amount of any OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) member country.
  Why study in Switzerland?
Switzerland is known worldwide for its high-quality and varied education system. Switzerland has been famous for its excellence in hotel management education.
  Is it possible to work while studying in Switzerland?
You are not allowed to finance your studies through work, although you can normally work to earn extra money. There are restrictions on the number of hours you are allowed to do this; the precise rules depend on the canton.
  what is the scholarship process in Switzerland?
The scholarships are offered in principle to foreign governments. The applications have to be submitted for a preliminary selection to the national institution in charge and the Swiss diplomatic representation in the student’s country of origin. There are no scholarships available for programmes that start in the spring semester.
  How can I study in Switzerland?
Switzerland, you will need to know the details of all the Swiss institutions of higher learning to decide where to apply. Don't forget that English is not one of Switzerland's national languages, so only a restricted number of courses are taught in it. If you don't speak German, French or Italian, you should be sure to ask about the language of instruction.
  what are the languages used in Switzerland?
There are 4 national languages spoken in Switzerland; German (spoken by 63.7%), French (spoken by 20.4%), Italian (spoken by 6.5%) and Romansch (spoken by 0.5%).
  what are the courses offering by Switzerland universities?
There are various courses for UG, PG and PhD. MBA is the most preferred course by Indian candidates in Switzerland.
  Is there any part-time jobs available in Switzerland?
Students can work alongside with their studies. In fact, the student residence permit allows for profit-earning activity, as long your university provides a statement confirming that your employment will not prolong the length of your studies.
  What is the medium of study in Switzerland?
Depending upon the curriculum, the medium of study can be English, German, French, or Italian. Please check with the program to see the teaching language. Research scholarships are usually in English. Generally, from the Master level onwards engineering and natural sciences studies are also in English.

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