What is a green card scheme?

Residence permit that is under the Greean Card Scheme allows you to carry out paid or unpaid work. But, the Ministry of Integration specifies that this residence permit will not give the permission for self employment. To obtain residence under the Danish Green Card, one must have to score a minimum of 100 points. Points can be obtained for language skills, educational level, adaptability, age and work experience.

  How long is the PR visa valid?

You can get a residence permit under the Green Card Scheme for up to three years time period. Before this period is to complete you can apply for an extension of 1 year. And, before the end of this period you can apply for an extension of 4 years.

  What are the areas under which applicants are awarded points?

The 5 main areas the applicants are assessed upon are,

  • Language skills
  • Educational level
  • Work experience
  • Adaptability
  • Age

  How many points can I earn for the education category?

The immigration service will not disclose in advance how many points a candidate can score in the given category. If the immigration authorities are unable to assess the level of education, they ask for the Danish Agency for Internation education to assess the education level. You must get the minimum points that are described on the point system.

  Are there any age and nationality restrictions for Danish Green Card?
There are no age and nationality restrictions on Danish Green Card. You will gain points for your age only if you are below 40 years age. All the nationals of non-EU/EEA can apply for the Danish Green Card.
  Do citizens from all countries need a visa to enter Denmark?

There are some countries whose citizens are exempt from the visa requirement. The list of these countries is put up on the official immigration authority's web site.

  Who is eligible to work in Denmark?
An applicant must hold a residence and work permit in order to reside and work in Denmark, if he/she is a citizen of a country outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA. Whether you can obtain a residence and work permit depends on what are the applicant's qualifications.
  What is a 'positive list' and what is its significance?

A positive list is a list of the professions currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. Its significance lies in the fact that if the applicant has been offered a position/job in one of these shortage occupations and has the required educational qualifications, etc., he or she can be granted a visa to work in the offered position/job.

  Who is allowed to opt for and pursue a higher educational program in Denmark?

There are some conditions to be met for an applicant to be allowed to pursue an educational program in Denmark. These include conditions such as the applicant must have been admitted to a higher educational program, he/she can speak one or more of the following languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German and that he/she can support himself/herself financially with his/her own means for the duration of his/her stay. Further details regarding these requirements can be obtained from the concerned/relevant authorities.

  What are the grounds on which Denmark usually grants asylum?

Typically, an applicant who meets the conditions which are set down in the United Nations Refugee Convention, or those conditions of Protected Status as defined in Section 7 of the Danish Aliens Act are granted asylum.

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