Why is Canada a popular destination for Indian students? - 2nd May, 2018

Engineers giving up America for a new Canadian Dream

Every year, thousands of Indian students try their luck to study in overseas universities. Presently, Canada is attracting many students who have shown serious interest in pursuing higher education. As per some experts, Indian students received 75,000 visas in 2017. In 2018n the figure is expected to reach 1, 25,000.

Two-year diploma courses

Students prefer Canada because it offers many two-year diploma courses. These courses are specialized and career-oriented, and when the students complete them successfully they get a work permit of three year duration. There is a great appeal and demand for Canada in the higher education sector.

Furthermore there is another fact here. There is a decline in the number of students who are reaching the United States. The USA still is on the top as the most desirable destination to take up higher education. The next are Canada, the UK and Australia.

Student mobility

In 2017, the figures of student mobility from India were USA at 1, 86,264, Canada at 76, 530, followed by Australia at 44,775 and finally the UK at 18,015. Furthermore, the immigration and post-study work are important issues. They are the leading factors for the decrease of interest in USA. A direct beneficiary thus is Canada, followed by Australia, and Ireland. There is no substantial change in the outflow of the students but the destinations have changed a lot.

New locations

The nations which are attracting sizable number of students are Ireland, Spain and Netherlands. It is the result of promotion, organized marketing and providing sufficient work opportunities.

The top preferred courses among Indians are Science and Technology, Management, Engineering followed by Hospitality. Moreover, there are many job opportunities in these sectors. There is a growing interest among the students for psychology and literature also. Finally even countries like China and Russia also figure as a destination for them.

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