The American Dream is benefiting Canada now - 28th May, 2018

The American Dream is benefiting Canada now

Some of the best immigrant tech workers in the US no longer feel that it is attractive and are moving over to Canada. There are high-skilled professionals who have secured an H-1B visa, and among them several Indians are waiting for a decade and above for obtaining their green cards. Some felt that it would take around twenty years. They possessed a global sensibility and had a top ­demand skills set. Finally, they decided to do away with the uncertainty of a green card application and move north towards Canada. After President Donald Trump won the U.S. election workers in the U.S. serving on H-1Bs were asking for advice on migration.

A new website

A new website, covered all the information. This has helped many people. It started to get good views and became a forum where people asked questions and got their proper answers. Presently this site gets 100,000 views in a month. Engineers are warmly taking the advice and are arriving in Toronto.

There are anti-immigrant groups in Canada also, but they are not as popular as their counterparts in the U.S. and Europe. Canada is warm to immigrants and is looking for economic growth. One in five of Canadian residents were born abroad; and in some places Indians are more than half of the foreign-born.

Canadians are facing the pragmatic reality­­ that the invasion of engineers will not hurt the country. It is in fact important for its culture and economies. There are many benefits in jobs and wealth creation. Migrants to Canada help everyone.

The momentum

During the first year of the presidency of Trump, there was an increase of 40 percent from 2016 in the number of tech professionals who got PR in Canada.

The H-1B system had some flaws from the beginning. There were jobs which did not qualify as high-skill, but went to full-time employees in technology companies. The H-1Bs cost to employers is from $1,710 to $7,700, depending on their size and dependability on foreign staff.

Moreover, Canada was the first country to adopt an immigration system based on points in 1967. The country gives a rating to the applicants based on its goals and requirements.

In 2016, it increased immigration levels to 300,000 permanent residents per year. There was a Global Skills Strategy to issue temporary work permits to professionals with job offers in categories, like engineers, in two weeks. Since June 2017, there are more than 5,600 beneficiaries in this program.

The future

Trump has called for cuts in legal immigration and has also accused the H-1B system of stealing jobs from local workers. He also wants a points-based system but it will be hard for the U.S. to replicate the Canadian system and its flexibility.

In MOV North, People asked questions related to about Canada, and the basics like jobs, weather, schools, and also about the immigration process

For the qualified professionals there was a constant reminder to leave the country in weeks if there was no extension of H-1B. People are moving because the cost of living is lower in Canada. Taxes are high, but the government is caring with health care and preschool. They feel that the quality of life improves here. The migrants are already persuading some friends to move from the green card paralysis and apply for an entry in Canada.

The scenario in Toronto

The scenario in Toronto is changing for top engineers. Google, Amazon Uber, and Artificial Intelligence Research and facilities are expanding in a big way. The Canadian government is pouring funds in the MaRS Discovery District. It is a tech incubator where start-ups employ more and more people. Besides, there is work in other Canadian cities, also Montreal has Google’s AI research lab, the base of Shopify Inc. is in Ottawa, and the Hoot suite Inc. is in Vancouver. There are major differences between U.S. and Canada in immigration policies. Now there are major opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs to attract workers. Canada has become a land of opportunity where are welcome. Professionals wish to take advantage of the uncertainties in the U.S., and are ready to work with MOV North. Through this many companies can search for applicants, and hire them as per on their skills and experience.

Finally, Canada is beckoning to the talented. There is lot for people who have an interest in Canada.

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