Hinduism - Australia's fastest growing major religion - 14th May, 2018

Hinduism - Australia's fastest growing major religion

Some facts

Hindus in Australia are increasing in numbers but 81 per cent were born overseas. There are temples which are fully booked and the wedding takes place with all the colors and traditions of a Hindu service. People gather in large numbers. Hindus represents 2.1 percent of the population but the religion is growing at a fast pace in Australia.

Hinduism is practiced in the Indian subcontinent. As per the 2016 census it is a large religion of Australia behind Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Besides, there are few persons who do not follow any religion. The reason for expansion of religion is mainly migration. Presently they are 444,000. Besides, the numbers among the Christians is declining by 7 percent in the past five years. Since 2011, the increase in Muslims is 27 percent and for Buddhists it is 7 percent.

Growth in the community

Not only is there a growth in the community but also the structures is growing in a big way. There is a great demand for worshiping in temples in Melbourne, Adelaide, South Australia, Perth, Newcastle and Queensland also.

Hinduism today is having an Australian twist. There is a new generation, and as a result there are some new approaches to practice. Moreover there is a different understanding to do things. Religion is about coming to pray to God, and also about meditating and remaining in a peaceful state of mind. The second generation of Hindus get an exposure of other faiths and cultures while growing up in the country. The approaches and traditions of other faiths in Australia also influence them.

A visit to a temple is learning about culture and religion, and developing an understanding regarding the self. It is an interesting process also.

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