Germany Job Seeker Visa For Skilled Workers - 28th September, 2015

This visa is an initiative by federal government to encourage more qualified professionals from abroad to come to Germany. From 2012 August 1st graduates with other university degree or German or foreign degree comparable to a German degree will be eligible to enter Germany to seek employment.

The applicants who hold this visa may stay in Germany for up to 6 months.  To gain a job seeker visa applicants must provide documents, university degree.

The visa holders can look for suitable employment in Germany but cannot take employment. Only after sufficient employment is found and visa status is changed to residence permit.

Visa applications can process within a week of submission. The visa duration and decision however vary from one application to another. This visa allows applicants to stay and job search in Germany for six months.

Job seeker visa features:

If applicant get a job in six months can Apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa. If the applicant is unable to find a job he/she should return to country of origin.


·     Relevant to education 3 years work experience

·     Minimum 15 years of Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Technical education

·     Any age group

·     No IELTS is required

·     Diploma holder with some experience

·     Any graduate

Funds and documents required:

·     Referral letter

·     Proof of personal status in India

·     Valid passport with a validity of at least 12 months

·     Educational qualification

·     Health and medical insurance

·     Sufficient funds

·     Employment details

Job seeker visa benefits:

·     Applicants can move in future any part of world

·     No IELTS is required

·     Leading to permanent residency

·     May call your family members

·     Job seeker visa gives six months to find job in any field

Job opportunity:

Strong job opportunity for all the profession including IT, technical, electronics, Business management, mechanical, chemical and many more

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