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Immigration consultancy services
Highly qualified individuals and skilled experts can avail Permanent Resident visas for themselves and their families. These visas are also issued to business investors.

If you are planning to immigrate as Permanent Residents, why wait, approach us and we would be happy to guide you.

When you choose to work, settle and live abroad, you become eligible for varied benefits such as free education for your children, medical and also retirement benefits. When you receive PR, You are eligible to work with any employer except few governm
Immigration consultancy services

Now, the world needs skilled professionals as well as experts. We find that the skilled professionals are concerned as to how quickly they can receive a work vis


Let your immigration dream fly high with Zentora assistance.

The information contained in this website is for information purposes only. The information is provided by Zentora and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or

immigration consultancy services
Countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, the US and the UK continue to top the chart of leading immigration destinations. These countries pitch a red carpet welcome to foreign skilled nationals who wish to migrate to their respective nations. However, prior to applying for immigration it is always better to check your eligibility in order to evade rejections. The laws of immigration change often, so for the successful visa path, individual skills must to be assessed before the pr
immigration consultancy services
At present, we cater our unique immigration services to diverse nations such as:Australia
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • USA
  • UK
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • Austria
Our professionals are eager to guide and assist you all the time. The main intention behind our inception is to let your dreams see the light of the day. If your immigration destination is one among the above countries, then approac
immigration consultancy services
Most foreign countries are facing acute skill shortages in various professions. Thus, to fill the available vacancies and to boost the country\'s economy, various countries have given a green signal for immigration. However, to enter into one\'s destined country; applicant\'s occupation must be in-demand in that particular country. Each country has its own in-demand occupation list. Want to know whether your occupation is on the list? Find it out now with our assistance.
Of various occupation
immigration consultancy services
The initial step of immigration process begins with the positive assessment report. If individual\\\'s assessment report is positive, only then we will process further. Hence, it is one of the reasons for our remarkable success rate.

As soon as clients approach us, we allot a dedicated and knowledgeable case officer to provide the required information as well as in-depth counseling about immigration and visa services. The case officer also evaluates client\\\'s skills as well as suggests
immigration consultancy services
There exist various push and pull factors that drive the people to leave their nation. The pull factors draws people to live in the new nations and on the other hand push factors are the reasons as to why people leave their native and flock to a foreign land.
  • Pull factors
  • Plethora of job opportunities            
  • Financially secured future
  • Better services
  • High standard of living
  • Quality edu
immigration consultancy services
Are you planning to settle overseas? Well, Permanent Residency Visa is the handpicked choice that offers you and your family an opportunity to work, live and settle abroad permanently. Skilled and qualified professionals, family members or investors immigrating on PR will enjoy various privileges and benefits, barring a few such as voting right.

Developed nations such as Canada, Australia, Denmark, USA and many others have topped the list as the coveted destinations to work, study and li
immigration consultancy services

Zentora Overseas Careers is a front-runner in the field of immigration for the last several years. We are here to assist each and every individual who is willing to migrate overseas in search of better career options as well as a permanent settlement. Our experts strive to offer incredible and precise advice that eases your immigration path for intended destination. Our company is best placed to make your overseas dream into a reality. We can assure you that our services are the best.

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immigration consultancy services

Study Overseas

Overseas Education Breeds Confidence. Confidence Breeds Hope. Hope Breeds Joy

studyoverses visa

To make your Dream come True, Begin your overseas admission process now Studying abroad can be an enriching experience; a holistic approach with Zentora Overseas Careers will help you feel secure. We also assist you realize your dream of studying overseas by helping you choose the best university. When you study in the best university overseas, you will gain fine cognizance and broaden your horizons and discover your passion.

We update you about the process requirement as wel

studyoverses visa

Do you have plans to apply for a student visa?

Are you planning to study abroad and looking forward to gain knowledge as to how to go about with it, then you have come to the right place? Whether you are looking forward to appropriate information as to where you need to study, what course to choose, the visa requirements, and funding options. Then Zentora Overseas Careers is a one-stop destination for all your overseas educational queries. We stay available round the clock to answer your

studyoverses visa

Earned a Graduate degree abroad? Apply for Right visa and Sell Your Skills to Potential Employers.

Did you complete your graduation overseas? Are you considering a stay back and grab the job opportunity rather than returning to your homeland? After several years of study in overseas, many international students feel good when they get a well-deserved opportunity by gaining the work experie

Invest Overseas

Want to Invest? Why not contemplate global markets. We are here to assist you to enter into your destined nation on Investor visa

Have plans to invest abroad? Want to know various investment options? Contact us right now!

If you want to invest in overseas and settle their permanently, then you need to obtain Investor visas. The minimum amount of investment and requirements vary from country to country. Individuals need to abide by necessary investor visa requirements to get their visa processed successfully. The minimum amount is subject to change. Keep in touch with us, for more precise and latest details about

invest visas services

Are you looking to set up a business in a foreign nation? Are you aware of countries that lets you start your own business? Well, you are at the right place, we provide you complete details about the Start-up or Entrepreneur Visas.

The process of obtaining Start-up or Entrepreneur visas is a tedious task, which involves a lot of red tape process and formalities. Thus, when you approach Zentora Overseas Careers team, we provide you a helping hand to get you out of the muddle of Start-up

invest visas services

Visit Overseas

Explore the world by visiting overseas

work permit visa services

Looking forward to build up your career prospects by studying overseas? Well, make use of student visa services of Zentora Overseas Careers to find the best university, courses of your choice and special guidance through the application process to help you discover our passion at the earliest. Our professional consultants leave no stone unturned in helping you attain the required visa in a timely fashion.

Come to us today to get the right assistance and support at the end of

Settle Overseas

tourist visa services

Holidays are exceptional for many reasons. If you are amongst those who are planning to have a break from your hectic schedule and thinking as to how to get your desired Tourist Visa, then wait no further. Approach us and get complete information on Tourist Visas, where, when and how to meet the requirements set up by the respective Govt. Zentora Overseas Careers process the applications of all visa classes and also for all nations. We are pioneers in the immigration industry and we prov

tourist visa services

It looks very attractive as well as fascinating to move overseas for settlement but it is not as easy as it sounds. Each year, numerous professionals look forward to settle overseas as they can avail numerous benefits. There are wide ranges of reasons that why many people desire to move abroad. Individuals from developing nations move to developed nations in seek of better lifestyle and career opportunities.

Settling in abroad is nothing but moving and settling in a developed nation

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